Therapeutic Massage

Be prepared to enter a transformative place of healing repose that will carry over throughout the days and nights ahead until your next appointment. The gifted massage therapists at All Is Well Holistic Center deliver deep tissue relief and results without pain. Session by session, something shifts within you to a harmonic mental, physical and emotional state.

In addition to their seasoned therapeutic massage gifts, each therapist taps in intuitively to the specific needs of each client. Feel the pain and tension melt away with regular massage therapy as part of a total lifestyle approach to wellness.

The healing stone massage is offered by Abigail only. The introduction of the heat of the stones aids in the release of stubborn knots in the muscles. The addition of therapeutic grade Raindrop oils adds a sense of balance and peace. The oils are dropped along the spine, simulating raindrops, and then gently massaged in to the skin. Essential oils help to balance and realign energy centers and reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation in the body. They smell amazing too!

Our Therapeutic Massage Options

1 Hour Deep Tissue or Deep-Tissue/Swedish Massage Combination

Your therapist will combine the muscle-lengthening strokes of Swedish massage with the intensive focus of Deep Tissue to engage the layers of muscles in a liberating exchange. Included in this mind-clearing, pain-relieving and soothing massage is our signature aromatherapy mixture that will ease you, ground you and allow your muscles to let go.  $85.00 – 90.00

1 ½  Hour Deep Tissue or Deep-Tissue/Swedish Massage Combination

This comprehensive full body Therapeutic Massage allows ample time to pinpoint areas of on-going pain and tension. This is an excellent treatment for those with heightened stress or chronic pain. A perfect escape after a long week.
  $125.00 – 130.00

½ Hour Deep Tissue or Deep-Tissue/Swedish Massage Combination

A focused de-stressor session for targeted relief of tight or problem areas. Perfect in a lunch break or after work session, this is a highly effective treatment for knots in your neck and shoulders, tense back muscles and sports injuries and tension.  
$55.00 – 60.00

1 Hour Healing Stone Massage

Basalt healing stones introduce the benefit of radiating moist heat into your tired or sore muscles. Stones are laid on your body while a relaxing massage is done around them and then, the therapist uses special techniques while working with warm stones in her hands. This is a gentle yet powerful massage for severe stress or extremely tight muscles.
  $95.00, $100.00 with Raindrop Oils

1 ½ Hour Healing Stone Massage:

Pure ahhhhh… your therapist draws on ancient knowledge using the warmth of the stones to guide you to a profound state of peaceful being. This massage has the reputation for bringing about shifts in consciousness. Adding aroma therapeutic Raindrop oils elevates this massage to the level of nirvana. The heat of the stones helps the oils to penetrate the skin easily to release their healing properties.
  $135.00, $140.00 with Raindrop Oils

½ Hour Healing Stone Massage:

Enjoy the heat of the stones during this focused session of massage therapy.
  $65.00, $70.00 with Raindrop Oil

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