All Is Well Holistic Center is a woman-owned small business. We have been here since before the surge in “massage chains” began. We are one location, no memberships, no sales tactics.

What this means for you is personalized service, dependability and dedicated therapists that want to get to know you and understand how we can help you make your life better. The massage therapists at All Is Well are well-trained, experienced, licensed and most have been with the center for many years.

Let’s say you have booked an appointment for massage therapy; when you arrive, you will fill out a short intake form and immediately meet your massage therapist. She will then take you back to the massage room and review your health concerns so that she can personalize the session to your specific needs. Feel free to ask questions and give feedback before, during or after your session. This is your time and our goal is to help you feel relaxed and pain-free. When the massage is complete, you will again speak with your therapist, she will take payment and give you an opportunity to reschedule. You will see the same person from beginning to end! If you would like to rebook with the same therapist, you can easily do so.

Along with massage therapy, we offer Reiki and Health Coaching. These different modalities offer a unique opportunity to improve your health from many angles. Addressing the food you consume and your lifestyle habits, while maintaining your energetic and physical body through massage and Reiki is a powerful combination to keep you vibrant, pain-free and centered throughout your life. Our clients are like family and we want to see each and every one of you thrive!