Spiritual Life Coaching

A Spiritual Life Coach assists you in evaluating your fourfold being- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Are you at peak health?
Are there areas of your life that need jump starting?
Are you at a high energetic and vitality level of being?
Are you serving your purpose?

By looking at all aspects of your being, we work through your blocks, focus on achieving goals, and banish self-doubt, step by step.

Spiritual Life Coaching Packages

One Month

You can change your reality at any time! Allow this to be your introduction to spiritual transformation.

Begin to let go of stress, anxiety, and life patterns that no longer serve you.
Learn to live more consciously.
Learn to connect with all that is, was, and ever shall be.

Meeting weekly, 4 sessions, in person or remotely. $500.00

Two Months

Delve more deeply in to caring for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

Learn to live a more balanced life.
Feel supported on your journey.
Release self-doubt and negativity.

Meeting weekly, 8 sessions, in person or remotely. $990.00

Three Months

Take a deep dive in to remodeling your life. Peel away the layers of doubt and negativity. Experience seeing life through a different lens and learn to be your own advocate.

Experience life at a higher vibrational level.
Live your life in love with life.
By raising your vibration, we help to raise the vibration of those around us.

Meeting weekly, 12 sessions, in person or remotely. $1500.00

Four Months

For those who desire to be Spiritual Life Coaches.

Apply all that you have learned to help others.
Assist and guide others to find the joy in their lives.
Enjoy a new and rewarding career path.

Meeting weekly, 16 sessions, in person or remotely. $2400.00