Five tips to eating your way to better health:

1) Get the chemicals out of your diet. Artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, and preservatives are linked to all sorts of health ramifications. Your body doesn’t recognize these products as food, making them quite taxing for your body to process. They are not feeding your body, rather, your body must leach vitamins and minerals in order to move these substances through your system.

2) Eliminate GMO’s (genetically modified foods). GMO’s are genetically modified to withstand large amounts of the herbicide “Round Up” being sprayed on them. The genetically modified plant will ¬†survive while all the other plants around it die. Round Up has been classified as a known carcinogen and has also been linked to food allergies, digestive problems, and infertility to name just a few. Corn and soy are two of the most common plants that are genetically modified. Soy bean oil, soy lecithin, and corn oil can be found in many products. The only way to avoid GMO’s is to eat organic, which means your food was not sprayed with these chemicals.

3) Stay hydrated. Before reaching for a snack, drink some water. Sometimes we reach for food out of habit when our bodies are telling us we need water! Ask yourself, “am I hungry or am I thirsty?”

4) Eat your vegetables! It sounds like a cliche and I know you have heard this since you were a child, but really, how many vegetables have you had today? How many yesterday? We have very long intestinal tracts and we need fiber to keep our digestive tracts moving. Not only are vegetables loaded with fiber, they are also rich in easy to digest, high-quality nutrients! For best results, choose organic. We don’t want your powerhouse of nutrients to be laced with poisons!

5) Think about putting high quality fuel in to your body, not junk. Your body is your soul’s vehicle. You wouldn’t put anything other than quality gas in your car, so why would you put something in your body that is marketed as “food,” but has little or no nutritional value? You can’t trade in your body like you can a car, so it needs to last a lifetime! Always look for nutrient-rich, easy to digest foods, such as organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains. Your body will thank you and you will feel great!